Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Eminem Show (2002)

When you make 2 solid albums, it's hard to make a perfect follow up to them. In this case, I think that Eminem did an okay job. The album is definitely not perfect, and has a few holes, but it's definitely pretty good.   The album is fueled on the popular singles Without Me and Cleanin' Out my Closet.
Oh, and before I go any further, irrelevant comment time. Em totally looks like he's taking a bong hit in the cover. The album is a bit lighter than the previous.  So a lot of the violent themes on the previous 2 are not as prevalent. The album has some political themes, (White America, and  Sing For the Moment, which are both solid tracks. (Although, I really don't like the Aerosmith sample, which is pretty much the foundation.) This album is probably Eminem's most personal and serious.Although it's not without his trademark humorous songs (Without Me). Although there are many good tracks, there are also a few weaker tracks, in my opinion (Drips, Superman), and even if it's an important subject to Eminem, I usually skip Hailie's Song- aside from one verse, the entire song is sung rather than rapped, interestingly enough. It's not particularly bad, it just bores me, with the weaker tracks, the album contains some of my favorite Eminem songs, (Till I Collapse and White America, which are generally regarded as two of his strongest songs)

Overall, the album has some of the most standoutish songs of his entire career, but with a number of weaker and forgettable tracks, the album just feels inconsistent, what I mean is, going from a great track like Sing For the Moment to something really meh  like Superman, it's just kind of jarring, in a way.

Favorite track-Till I Collapse.
Least favorite track-Drips

Overall Rating- 7/10

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