Friday, 18 October 2013

Infinite (1996)

When people talk about Eminem's albums, this is probably the least remembered.  It was his first full length album, and it was released independently. So Dre was not involved, therefore, the album has a way different sound than the rest of discography. The best way I can describe it, is that it sounds "chill and jazzy". The themes on the album are a lot more relaxed, as this was before Eminem introduced the "Slim Shady" character. Despite the fact that this album is way unlike any other album in his discography. I think that it is a great album. A lot of the song themes involve personal struggles with poverty(It's Okay) , desire for fame(Never 2 far) , hell, he even has a love song (Searchin') Which is honestly really fucking odd, if you are more familiar with his later releases, Where most of his songs involving relationships were bitter, and often violent. This album also contains many guest verses from local rappers (most of them being from Eminem's group D12)

Overall, this album is pretty solid, and criminally forgotten, I should add. and if you aren't turned off by the different sound this album has, in comparison to later releases,  it's definitely an excellent way to hear the milder side of Eminem

Favorite Track-It's Okay
Least Favorite Track- 313
Overall Rating- 8/10

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