Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Opinions on.... "Insane Clown Posse"

Insane Clown Posse is an oddity in hip hop music. They are pretty hated, but they also have a huge fanbase.

Despite the fact that most critics hate them... I honestly don't. Looking at them as just a "rap group", they are definitely mediocre, members Violent J and Shaggy 2 dope are typically simple, lyrically. Often using A-B
rhyme schemes, I don't think they are incompetent about it or anything, I'm pretty sure the simplicity is a choice, because I've actually heard Violent J rap some decent bars.(With some really questionable lyrics, however) ICP do not take themselves seriously. You can almost call them a pastiche on hip hop.
Example being, while most rappers would brag about owning cars, having sex with attractive women, and
other typical exploits, ICP will boast about stuff that no sane person would ever brag about,(IE having sex with women who are described as repulsively unattractive) or have it be cartoonishly over the top.
Shock value stuff. ICP decidedly isn't about being real. Instead they usually tell horror stories, and often they "play" the part of the killers in these songs. While I do like this idea, it's hard to make these kind of songs for as long as they have been, and honestly, there hasn't been an ICP album that I really enjoyed since 1997's The Great Milenko. They still make decent tracks every now and then, but for the most part, I think that they are kind of beating a dead horse at this point. But most of their fanbase still enjoy the new albums, so all power to them, I suppose.

Mike E Clark(pictured below)  is the main producer for ICP, and a big reason why I enjoy them. You know, if I were discussing favorite producers with "typical" hip hop fans, and I said that one of my favorite producers was the guy who produces for ICP, they would probably laugh at me and say that my opinion does not matter.
But, honestly, he provides very eclectic and unique instrumentals. Ranging from relaxing, chill beats, (see Ninja, Out) to more intense beats (Chicken Huntin', How Many Times).


So in conclusion. I don't think that ICP is terrible, although they have had some pretty bad songs, but when they are on, they are on. Personally, I think that Violent J can deliver emotions that most rappers, who are decidedly better lyricists, just can't get right.Shaggy is just kind of there for me, and more often than not, is kind of obnoxious. They have lowbrow humor, some lyrics are kind of questionable at times, but, they have a certain charm to them, and I'll still listen to Ringmaster, Riddle Box, or Great Milenko every now and again.