Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Relapse (2009)

First off, I know that it's been forever. Like about 2 and a half months. I kind of just forgot about this thing.

But speaking of long hiatuses, today I will talk about Eminem's album "Relapse." He had a pretty bad drug problem around and before the release, and he really didn't do anything from 2005-09 aside from a few singles, and guest verses. But then he came back. This album is very much focused on his drug problem, depression, personal issues, etc etc. Oddly enough though despite the serious nature of the topics he still decides to make 13 year old jokes in like every other track. It's obnoxious.That's the main problem with the album. Jesus, you'll be listening to a track and he'll just say something unnecessary about child molestation or something. It's not edgy, Em, it's just stupid and lame and you are trying to hard. Just listen to the track Insane.   The album spawned a few singles, such as Crack a Bottle, We Made You, 3 AM and Beautiful. The first one that I mentioned is the only one that I really like, the others are pretty meh, aside from 3 AM, which has Em rapping in some obnoxious accent again. To the most repetitive beat, the track is about a serial killer, it's kind of like going back to his horrorcore roots, but it's severely watered down and I just want to start listening to a song of Slim Shady LP instead. Nice try, I guess.

Listening to this album, I really only liked 3 songs, the aforementioned Crack a Bottle, Stay Wide Awake and my favorite track, Old Time's Sake. It's a song that sounds as if it came straight out of The Eminem Show. And it's mostly just about smoking weed, but damn, this song is pretty cool

overall, it's mediocre. Even if he was off of drugs, I don't think he was entirely "well" yet
Most of the the tracks aren't even that offending or bad, they are just so boring and forgettable, and I'd say that this is Eminem's most "meh" release to date.

Favorite track:Old Time's Sake
Least favorite Track:Insane

Overall Rating: 4.5/10. Just a bit better than Encore.

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